Word on the Street

Word on the Street
More to come on this series.

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Street photography in its essence is finding something beautiful, interesting or thought-provoking in the mundaneness of everyday life. That 1-2 second window that illuminates an aspect of the day-to-day that would otherwise go unnoticed, but in its simplicity reveals something larger than itself. This revelation is what drew me to pursue street photography as a hobby and a much needed creative outlet.

As I began to capture more of these moments, I began to see parallels in what I was capturing and scripture found in the Bible. I started pairing scriptures with the candid shots I would take on the streets and began to see more of life in both.

These pairings have helped me to connect with people more when out on the street. Instead of just taking photos of people while I am roaming the streets, I am engaging with them – talking to them, getting to know them, praying for them, sharing the Gospel, and establishing ongoing relationships with reoccurring encounters. Using art to connect with people is far more powerful than creating art for mere display.

In an attempt to combine my love for street photography and the scriptures of the Bible, I am hoping to show that both in their simplicity are revealing Someone larger than ourselves. It is my desire that through the photos in this book, you will see The Word of God as living and active and be inspired to look beyond the mundane to understand that the invisible attributes of God can be clearly seen.